Available exclusively from Amazon Kindle for $5.50 (Click here: Write What You’d Love To Read). Or you can get a free app for your computer, iPad, Blackberry, etc. on the site if you don’t own a Kindle.

Write with real power and passion. Involve readers at a deeper level. Create work irresistible to editors. John Lehman, founder of Rosebud, a national magazine for people who enjoy good writing, and literary editor of Wisconsin People & Ideas shows you how to be the writer you’ve always wanted to be. 214pages

“Lehman makes sense. Deftly he tells truth to wake us up to what we’d miss and a few things only he could know.” – X.J.Kennedy, former editor of The Paris Review and author of Introduction to Poetry.

For a print version:

Lehman, Jack, Write What You’d Love to Read, $10, Zelda Wilde Publishing, 110 pages.

$10+ $2 shipping = $12 

Send check to:

Zelda Wilde Publishing, 315 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523

or order by credit card by clicking:


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