Around Midnight: How to Write a Short Story in One Long Evening

New Midnight Cover

“Jack Lehman’s handy short-story writer’s guide will appeal to both aspiring and established authors. The advice is rock solid (“Good writing doesn’t tell us, it listens to us and allows us to do something life doesn’t”) and the writers and filmmakers that Lehman cogently discusses and dissects are first-rate storytellers (Raymond Carver, Patricia Highsmith, David Mamet, Andre Dubus, Orson Welles, Ingmar Bergman). Best of all, “Half Past Midnight” includes six of Lehman’s own powerful short stories and he shares their genesis and often deeply personal secrets. Buy this book. It will change how you write. It may even change how you think about your life.” – Bob Wake, Cambridge Book Review

Lehman, Jack, Around Midnight, $8, Zelda Wilde Publishing, 78 pages,  ISBN:9780974172897.

$8 + $2 shipping = $10 

Send check to:

Zelda Wilde Publishing, 315 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523

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