The Art of Dancing in the Rain

Dance Cover-1

“You already have all the writing tools you need.”—Jack Lehman 

I teach workshops and publish books about writing. Who wouldn’t want to learn the tools that make writing work, especially if this is something you have always wanted to do? My suggestions are based on theories of acting, but here is what astounds me. After people learn what they need, why don’t they use them?

A better question than how to be a good writer might be, why don’t people who want to, become one.

I think there is a reason, and once that’s removed, who knows.

My intention is to address this elephant in the room. I think it is the one thing that will make the difference in terms of results, but bear with me. This is not what you are used to.

Lehman, Jack, The Art of Dancing in the Rain, $5, Zelda Wilde Publishing, 31 pages,  ISBN:9780615805726.

$5 + $2 shipping = $7 

Send check to:

Zelda Wilde Publishing, 315 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523

or order by credit card by clicking:


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