Popular Bundles

Bundles of Jack (John) Lehman books. Price underlined, in bold is for the bundle.

1. Mystery/Suspense, $ 21.08  $15

Shadows of Unseen Things, $5.31
Beyond the Blue House,$5.16
Lost on Clearview Road, $5.51
The Gauze Color Moon, $5.10

2. Wisconsin, $28.33 $20

A Beer with Thornton Wilder, $5.38
Enough to Get Me Through: Lorine Niedecker, $5.40
Orson Wells in Wisconsin, $5.50
Three Hawks Descending: August Derleth, $5.50
You Betcha: The Dark side of Wisconsin, $6.55

3. Fictional Autobiography, $24.81 $18.00

Three Women, $5.10
Twisted Circles Turning, $9
The Sound and Smell of Rain, $5.31
Enough to Carry Me Through, $5.40

4. How To, $25.40 $18.00 

7 Days and 11 Nights: How to Write a Novella for the Digital Age, $6.80
Around Midnight, Write a Short Story in One Long Evening, $6
Write What You’d Love to Read, $7.10
Wiscon Zen, $5.50

5. Lit Noir, $25.38 $18.00

Best of Lit Noir, $8.18
Lit Noir (3 Novellas) , $17.20

6. Surprises $20.09 $16.00

Surprise Endings, $5.50
Into a Dark Place, $3.59
Dogs that See Ghosts, Wisconsin Defies Gravity, 5.50
Writing Is My Religion, $5.50

7. Poetry, $32.32 $16.00

Shorts, $12
The Village Poet, $5.09
How and Why a Poem Works, $5.23
What the Postcard Didn’t Say, $10.00

These are available directly from Amazon at the full price. To order specially-priced bundles, click on the “buy” boxes above or send a check to John Lehman, 315 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523. The price per bundle is in bold above. Add $2 for shipping; I  will pay any tax. Thanks




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